About us

We are a team of researchers and engineers who are serious in machine learning and computer vision.

Computing resource

We built Trinity, a GPU cluster shared across three labs in KHU CSE. Trinity is equipped with 24 x A5000, 40 x 3090 as of Nov 2023. We use a resource manager to efficiently use these GPUs. We plan to add 8 A6000 (and probably more GPUs) by the end of 2023. Also, we have access to Seraph, a gigantic GPU cluster shared across three departments in the College of Software, Kyung Hee University. Seraph is equipped with 270+ A6000/A5000/3090 GPUs.

How to join our group

Vision and Learning Lab (PI: Jinwoo Choi) at the Department of Computer Science Engineering, Kyung Hee University, is looking for a couple of highly motivated undergraduate interns(Jan. 2024~). We have 2~3 positions available in total. We are working on exciting problems in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Artificial Intelligence. We are especially interested in video understanding, e.g., human activity understanding, video representation learning, domain adaptation, and mitigating biases in visual recognition. Send an email to Jinwoo Choi(jinwoochoi@khu.ac.kr), with your CV if you are interested.”